Fit for life TTT (tim top tips)

Lately I have been exercising much more than usual, mainly due to

1. Not much places to go

2. Air here is better, and dogs here don’t chase.

And I feel much better physically and mentally. Energy levels are at an all time high, except at MDEC πŸ˜›

I’m no fitness freak, nor do I look like i live in the gym, but i’d love to share some tips for those who like to feel better and live healther!


Cardio exercises are your friends. No matter what your goal is, be it muscle building, fat loss, or just to get more physical, cardio is absolutely good for you. Just don’t overdo it. 15-30 mins a session is fine. Be it walking, running, biking or exercising on an equipment, don’t forget to do your cardio. Its good for your heart! Start with walking if you can’t run. Just walk briskly 15-20 mins a day, and progress to jogging, and soon you’ll be on your way for a healthier you! Best of all, walking and running is free.


Weights are great for muscle building and fatloss. Dumbells are cheap to purchase and also easy to use. With weights, you are ramping up your metabolism, which leads to more effective fatloss than cardio alone, so women, don’t shy away from weights! You will not “grow muscle” to be man-ish looking. It takes a lot more to be muscular and look like the governor of California. You will feel better, stronger, and have a better posture. As a good rule, warm up adequately with a light weight, then do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps, that is a weight you can lift for 15 reps before you can’t lift another rep. Remember that each part of your body is important, so set a day for each split for more effective workout. Examples are:

3 day split:

Monday- Chest, Back, Abs

Wednesday- Legs

Friday – Arms, Shoulder, Abs

4 day split:

Monday – Chest, Abs

Tuesday – Back

Thurday – Arms, shoulder, Abs

Friday – Legs

And always remember, lift in a good form. Learn from the web, from bodybuilding websites, or can even message me if in doubt! Don’t damage your body, you only have 1 πŸ™‚


What ever it is, you need good food to live well. Eat a balanced diet of healthy food, which includes macro nutrients of carbohydrates, protein and good fats. If you want to gain weight (muscle) eat more protein and carbs to give you energy to grow, and if fatloss is your goal, try more protein instead, and don’t forget healthy fats. Healthy fats are found in fish, eggs, nuts and some vegetables. Avoid refined foods such as white bread, sugar (soft drinks), margerine (worst), and processed meat (ramli burger). Stick with good, clean food such as chicken breast (less fat), greens, eggs, fish, rice, oatmeal, beans, and green tea.

And remember, eat more frequently, smaller portion! eat 4-6 times of small meals if possible. If not, a protein shake is always handy at work. Example of a day’s meal if you want to eat healthy :

Meal 1: 2-4 eggs (2 yolk), oatmeal, tea/coffee (less sugar)

Meal 2: Protein shake/Almond Nuts

Meal 3: Chicken, Rice, Greens

Meal 4: Fruit/Protein Shake

Meal 5: Fish, Salad, Rice

Fried Chicken not considered as healthy food ok…


This is special reminder to those friends who think that the human body is like a glass bottle, fragile and weak. In some ways it is, but another point of view is that we adapt to different conditions. If you’re not going to push it in some way, the body will not change. If you want better stamina, you have to run until you run out of steam, if you want bigger muscle, you gotta push it until it can’t take no more. Whatever won’t kill you makes you stronger. Do it the right way, do it with finesse. Learn the right way to reach your goals. Its hard, and it takes discipline, but end of the day its worth it because it will make you a better person.

So, 4 tips about things you probably already knew. Feel free if you need exercise or food suggestions, or would like a workout friend. Don’t delay, develop yourself, both mind, and physical to the best you can.


~ by nucleonsandcheese on July 5, 2009.

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  1. fitness is ‘f’ood XD

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